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  1. Hallelu

From the album Way Down South

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Rick Reed - drums
Spooner Oldham - electric piano
Steve Cirkvencic - electric guitar
Ross Sermons - bass, resonator guitar, vocal
Gary Gordon - resonator guitar solo, vocal
Roberta Gordon - vocal
Patti Jackson - vocal
Monty Jackson - vocal
Danny Carter - Vocal


Rain came down all night long and washed your crops away I can tell you been livin' and doin' what the devil say
Look around at your bad luck sinner can't you see
That there be only one true God and he belongs to me


Ain't no use to wonder why your city is aflame
You just ain't been liven' right and your the one to blame All my children have been blessed and your's are refugees I live by the good book it's so plain to see


He gave me all you had cause I asked him to
He don't listen to your prayers your old prayers won't do You'll be waiting' at the gate come the judgement day The only key belongs to me no matter what you say