From the album Way Down South

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Dann Sherrill - Drums Jim Brock - Pecussion Mike McAdam- Slide
Rick plant - Electric Guitar
Mark T. Jordan - Electric Piano
Patti - Background Vocals
Monty - Background Vocals
Ross Sermons - Resonator Guitar, Bass, Vocal


I Saw The Whole Thing
Eight-Ball Willie come sneakin' into town
Slippin' down the alleyway there's something goin' down I heard the Jenkins boy got out last night
Eight-Ball said by morning he was gonna make it right

I went down King Street past the Market Square
Down by 2nd Avenue no luck did I find there
He slipped around the corner pulled something from his pants I knew that Jenkins boy lord he didn't stand a chance

Yea, and I saw the whole thing I saw the whole thing

I heard a moan an awful wail
And it sounded to me like it's something straight from hell There was blood in the street splashed upon the wall Make a grown man weak lord I gotta tell you all
That I saw the whole thing Yea I saw the whole thing

Ima tell you one thing I want you to know
When it come to trouble it ain't where I wanna go Some say that Jenkins boy got what he gave
But what happened in the alley I will take it to my grave