From the album Way Down South

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Dann Sherrill - Drums
Rick Plant - Electric Guitar
Mark T. Jordan - Organ
The McCrary Sisters - Background Vocals
Ross Sermons - Bass, Slide Guitar, Vocal


I'm goin' for a midnight creep
I'm gonna see my baby while the other one sleeps If I take a notion I might howl at the moon
I'll be a comin' through your back door soon

You know I like my whiskey neat
Come on in the kitchen if you wanna feel the heat
If you get the blind staggers do the knee walking' crawl I'm a comin' on over and we're gonna have a ball

So if you wanna hear some funky slide guitar
Put the pork up in the pan and stay right where you are We'll get the joint jumping' be as fine as wine
When the moon comes up baby you're all mine

I'd wade right through the Dismal Swamp
Just get to you house baby we can do the dog stomp I ain't a joking and it ain't no game
I'm the midnight creeper and you'll never be the same